How to Burn Fat At Rest While Going About Your Day.

The 3 Biggest Obstacles Holding You Back From Achieving The Physical and Mental Strength That Gives You The Swagger To Reach Your Potential in All Areas of Your Life

Discover the "Expert's Advantage!"

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Here's What You'll Learn:


How to get permanent fat loss without the yoyo and how to stop trying different diets once and for all... you won't have to waste time thinking about your nutrition or exercise routine anymore.


The way to increase your all day energy which lets you instantly have the best energy levels for high performance so you can stand out as a top performer in business and leadership.


The absolute best way to incorporate exercise into your personal routine and how you can reach peak efficiency to maximize your health... so you can feel stronger, more confident, and have optimal bloodwork results.


Specific ways to eat smarter (and enjoy what you're eating) and how you can learn to burn fat at rest so you can shed unwanted body fat quickly while going about your day.


The worst training mistakes you must avoid so you stop wasting time on your exercise routine which means you'll be in the best shape of your life without spending crazy hours in the gym everyday.

Hey, I'm Brian Bender, founder of Elevated Kinetics, and I have to ask...

Are you sick of "yoyo" dieting of ups and downs with weight fluctuations / following crazy nutrition and exercise plans with no results?

You want a program that GIVES you energy instead of drains you, right?

I know I did...

You see, when I started Elevated Kinetics, I had a unique goal compared to the competition...

RESULTS... not "insta"-fame and showing off my own abs pictures.

I focused entirely on our clients results... because: 

A. I actually care about people (a lot)

And B: I knew if my clients got better results than the competition, that would have a much bigger impact than ANYTHING else.

I've spent close to 2 decades, thousands of hours, and millions of dollars perfecting and honing my process to make sure we stayed at the cutting edge of science to make sure my clients could get the best results.

And now I want to offer the exact same thing...

A way to EMPOWER YOU to reach your own health and human performance potential.

  • It won't require sacrifices.
  • It won't require crazy hours at the gym
  • And it won't require insane restrictions.

And if you've tried a few methods and they didn't work, and you're ready to make lasting and permanent change... If you simply want to love your body and your energy...Then hit the button below.

I guarantee you we can get you to your rightful place at the top of the hill - all you gotta do is execute...


  • Dominic: went from 230 pounds to 180 pounds 
  • Dana: went from trying every fad diet with no success to loving what she ate every day and finally shedding 20 pounds ... 
  • ​Brett: went from a bloated 215 pounds to a strong and lean 193 and says he feels the best he's ever felt to run his business
  • David: went from having no energy every day after running his business to being fully present with his family (and improving his leadership skills). He also GAINED 15# of lean muscle. 
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